Mohs Surgery
What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?
Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a precise surgical techniquefor removing skin cancer.
It is performed on a microscopiclevel, so the surgeon is able to remove a tumor
completely while preserving as much normal tissue aspossible while achieving the
highest cure rate possible.
Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the recommended treatment for basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma because it offers many advantages:
  • The most precise and complete removal of skin cancer
  • Higher cure rate for skin cancer than any other method with a 97-99%
    likelihood for complete removal of cancer
  • Maximum conservation of normal tissue
  • Preservation of important structures
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a complete, systematic,microscopic search for
    the “roots” of the skin cancer, allowing the highest cure rate without an
    excessive loss of normal tissue.
Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the treatment of choice in treating:
  • Tumors on the face, nose and eyelid
  • Tumors in cosmetically important areas
  • Tumors with indistinct borders
  • Tumors that have recurred after other treatments
  • Tumors with a high likelihood of recurrence
  • Tumors larger than one inch in diameter